lørdag 29. august 2009

Trondheim Hundefestival

Second day of Trondheim Hundefestival: Entered with 4 Rambull's. Int*Nord.ch Rambull's Lily of the Valley, Exc, BOB, daugther Rambull's New Wildwood Flower: Exc, CAC,2 Best bitch, mom Int.Nord.ch Rambull's English Rhapsody, Exc, 3.best bitch at the age of 9,5 yrs...and BOB Veteran. Lily's son, Rambull's new Kid in Town got Exc,CAC and BOS.

First day of Trondheim Hundefestival is over - Lily won EXC and BOB. Daugther Zara got 1.in her class + Honorprize. Congrate to all my friends at the show who did so well today - specially our "show-classs-mates" - think we need to have a cake next week at the training :)).
News is also that old Amy started her heat on Wednesday - that means that the other girls will follow the next days, and then Lily will be mated!
More info and photos will come at my "show-news" site and "planned litter" as soon as I find the time....:)

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