tirsdag 20. juli 2010

OULU, FINLAND, summercamp :)

Again, we headed to
Kiminki and the Bullbugbear residence for a 4-5 days of holiday. Traditionally, we had entered the Oulu INT.SHOW which is held in the beginning for July - this was our 4th time over, and we had as always a great stay with Nina (Paakkari), Mika, Maisa and the Bullbugbear team. Päivi with Pepe and Mimmi also stayed there this yeas as she did the past years :))
Beautiful weather made the weekend perfect.
For the show we took Dex, our British guest - and Zara, our 2 years old girl. First day they both won CERT, CACIB and became FIN.CHAMPIONS :)) - Zara was BOB and picked as one of 8 for a semifinale in the group, Dex was BOS. This was more than we could hope for - and we are very pleased about it. Dex is now GB.SE.N.FIN.CH and Zara is N.SE.FIN.CH. (This 2 will be mated later this year)
Thank you Nina and Mika for having us over again :) Next year too :))

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