tirsdag 24. august 2010

August and girls in season :)

Now - by the end of this summer, I can think back and remember the good days and also the sad once.
In beginning of June, we lost our most important member of the pack, Amy (INT.NORD.CH Rambulls English Rhapsody) at the age of 10,5 yrs (photo taken only 14 days before she crossed the rainbow bridge). This was a huge loss and I can tell you I still miss her every day! Amy was nothing but good in all ways, healthy and strong right to the last day....still, today its very upsetting to think about her - but I have tons of good memories about her and she will continue to live in her son Jazz and daughter Lily, grandaughter Zara and hopefully future Rambulls'.

The happy things this summer: Twiggy is growing and is now a important part of the Rambull family, she is a joy and we are so happy to have her here - finally.
Dex our dear guest from UK, is also a boy who brighten up the days for us - such a good boy, done well this summer with 3 new titles, N.SE.FIN.CH - so greatful to Kate and Andy, who gave me the oportunity to have him here, he seems to like it too :).

"Planned litters" site will be updated soon, for you guys still waiting for news there :).
Finally both Zara and Lily is now in season, Zara started a week ago, Lily yesterday. IF everything goes as planned, new Rambull's will be born in some weeks.... Fingers crossed. xx Mar

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