torsdag 27. oktober 2011

2011 season soon over....

The year has brought 2 x INT.CHAMPIONS to the Rambull crew, both Dex and Zara got the titles during this summer. Zara is the 3.rd generation Rambull to accieve this title. Dex, the dream-boy who entered our life in March 2010, has had 3 litters in Scandinavian since he arrived, and also won 4 new titles to his belt..he is now a INT.GB.NO.SE.FIN.CH. + his Junior Warant from UK of course. Dex and Zara entered for Bill Walkey at a in Finland this summer, plased BOB & BOS :)
Twiggy also has done well this year, she is a big girl, so really no hurry to show her -but we are very pleased about her. Little Ellen entered her first show at Bulltreff, the Norw.speciality show under breedspecialist Anne-Marie Class , 9 months old she finnished the day winning bitch (EXC,CK,res.CERT)! Rambull won the breeding-group that day with 3 juniorbitches + granny Lily (5yrs) in the Group :).
Also proud of Ellens sisters who has done so well at shows bot internationa and national. Well done!
Here are some pictures of me with Dex, Twiggy and Ellen - taken in September. Last show for us this year will be in November...then hopefully by winter/spring 2012 we will start the matings and wait for new Rambull puppies to be born.

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