tirsdag 1. mars 2011

Winter 2011

Time fly! All the puppies have left for their new homes, last boy went to Italy last weekend - I had a lovely trip to Milan with him and he is now owned by Green Dragon. So now its only Ellen left with her family - I also kept 2 other girls who lives with familys in Trondheim, and a boy, Rock co-owned with Manfred and Jessica in Holland (Courtneys Pride). Brought my camera with me at the afternoon walk yesterday :) lovely red sunlight and finally I got a feeling of spring..........sort of.....;)

Showseason has not started yet for us.. winter has been all consentrated about the puppies. But this spring we will start showing Twiggy (very limited) and also attend a few puppy-shows with the little girls.
Dex is still with us as well - so hopefully a few more shows with him here and perhaps in Sweden before he return to UK. He has now a lovely litter in Sweden, by Maxinice and Lena Stolpe :).

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