tirsdag 5. april 2011

Spring 2011

Int.N.SE.FIN.CH Rambull's Lily of the Valley -aka Lily, turned 5 years this week. Congrate to all her siblings and hope for another great 5 years, at least... Lilys is retired from breeding and also more or less finnished with her showcareer :)

this winter has been really long....but with lots of fun with the youngsters here at home. Newest addiction is Rambull's Oh Happy Day, aka Ellen, daughter of Zara and grandaughter of Lily. Ellen fits her name just perfect...

Also 10 month old (brindle) Twiggy (Stoneglad Vogue) has grown alot during winter - she will be enter her first show later this month.

I also kept 2 other girls from the 2 last litters, Kaia (daugther of Lily) and Zoe owned in partnership.
Dexter (GB.N.SE.FIN.CH King of Scalebor at Garmondsway JW) is still here as well - dad of my 2 latest litters and a joy to have around.

Here are some pictures from the last couple of weeks.

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